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"RE Stats has been an asset to my business since 2007. I use their platform to assist me with recruiting and retention. This system is set up to give you statistical agent, office, firm and brand information that I use to expand as well as attract agents on my recruiting list. I use the Brand, Firm, Office and Agent production reports to assist my agents in getting new listings. When I sit down each day to make my daily recruiting calls, RE Stats is the program that is open on my desktop!"
Anthony J. DiNardi
Broker/Owner, RE/MAX Competitive Edge

"We have been using RE Stats for over a decade. I cannot imagine running my business without them."
Richard Pilarski
Broker of Record/Owner RRS, RE/MAX Realtron

"I got a call today from RE Datum asking for feedback on their product. I don't have much time to write but I can tell you I'm a very happy client - and very happy that RE/MAX of NJ has provided this to their Broker Owners at a greatly reduced price. I wish I had it earlier - guess I'll have to go to more Broker Meetings to keep updated! I'm using it to inspire my staff, to get more listings, to get price reductions, to get contract offers agreed too, etc. If you need/want more details, call me anytime on my cell 201-264-3980. See you in Atlantic City!"
Dave Miller
RE/MAX Integrity

"I have been using your program for the past year. It has been a very valuable tool in our marketing efforts. We have used the certificates showing our office to be in the top 10% in every category to obtain listings. There really is an incredible amount of tools available on your site. The recently added agent comparison of production from year to year has helped us to identify who may be potential RE/MAX agents. Even though all this information is available to me thru the MLS it would take me countless hours to gather what you can provide me with in minutes. It really "boggles" my mind why more RE/MAX Broker/Owners do not participate in this great tool."
David Fauquier
RE/MAX Realty Solutions



    RE DATUM 3.0 Broker Intel is a our newest cutting edge software tool that has been developed to help residential real estate brokerages grow their business.


    Provides real estate agents with an easy to use, web-based system which allows them to identify, verify and analyze trends within any given territory.
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