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R E Stats Inc. has entered in 2020 its 15th year of existence. Having the same team, since the almost very beginnings, all of us at R E Stats Inc. are very dedicated to helping our clients grow their business by using our experience and expertise in the field. The only things that have changed over these years are the quality and efficiency of our statistical products, which have been constantly improved. We have an excellent track record of providing online services and consulting to top real estate professionals in many different regions across Canada and the USA, starting at the agent and broker level, franchise level, then to MLS level and all the way up to state association level. By being the first online interactive real estate statistics provider for the North American market our products and services have changed the way that our clients manage their business, identify opportunities and set their goals. When clients come on board with us, they stay with us.



    RE DATUM 3.0 Broker Intel is a our newest cutting edge software tool that has been developed to help residential real estate brokerages grow their business.


    Provides real estate agents with an easy to use, web-based system which allows them to identify, verify and analyze trends within any given territory.
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R E Stats Inc. is committed to providing Dependable information, Flexible services, and the highest standards of Professionalism. If within 30 days you are not completely satisfied, cancel your subscription for a full refund... Guaranteed!